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The Great Indian Obsession Pdf Download |VERIFIED|

152. It is crucial to accompany each Indian convert along the experience of conversion, the sacramental and liturgical conversion, and the individual conversion. The spiritual direction of the adults is indispensable, and the mother ecclesial community is a fundamental support.

the great indian obsession pdf download

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153. The missionary effort for the conversion of India presents particular challenges. It is necessary to cultivate a deep spiritual knowledge of the nature of the Indians, so as to be prepared to live in all India with their gifts and their traditions. [120] It is also important to build authentic relationships between the culture and the Church, so as to avoid the alienation effect which is frequent in converts who do not know the language of their missionary context. Lastly, the Indian people have an environment which is harsh and demanding, which creates many difficulties for the missionaries, especially for women. The Church, with a constant prayer and vigilance, will try to respond to the needs of India, with God's assistance.

154. These days a new passion is born in India for the spiritual renewal of the Veda and for a greater appreciation of the great cosmological tradition, which has enriched the traditional culture of India and which must be preserved. [121] Many Indians are impatient for the Catholic Church and are waiting for her with great enthusiasm. It is important for us to have the freedom and the wisdom to listen to the Indian people and to help them to realize their spiritual riches. It is necessary to recover that spirituality so as to be able to transmit it to a more devout generation. The Church should not permit herself to be limited by cultural boundaries which do not permit her to enter into the reality of the spirituality of the people.


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