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Episode 11: The Opening Night Excitation [UPD]

The guys are all getting excited about the premiere of the new Star Wars movie, but Penny points out that the opening night is also Amy's birthday. Of course, Sheldon doesn't think this is all that important at first, and he sees no problem with skipping Amy's birthday to see his movie.

Episode 11: The Opening Night Excitation

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For Sheldon to give up the opening night of the new Star Wars movie isn't a small thing. This is a genuine, difficult sacrifice for him to make, but he's willing to do it if that's how he can show Amy he cares. That's the character growth we needed to come out their breakup, and that would have honestly been enough to show how their relationship has already changed.

"Episode 194. The Opening Night Excitation. It is a period of great tension. Our heroes, Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz and Raj know that tickets to the Star Wars movie are about to be available for pre-sale. If they fail in their mission and can't see it on opening night Sheldon has sworn that they will never hear the end of it for the rest of their lives... They believe him." Pan down to planet Earth.

The guys are excited that opening night has finally comes. Penny is just glad that now they will stop talking about it. Raj still can't believe that Sheldon gave it up for Amy. Leonard thinks that they're going to have so much more fun than he is. Bernadette says "Oh, no they're not!" and Penny says, "Knowing them...yeah, they will."

Returning in this episode is guest star Bob Newhart as Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton. Given that his character already passed away, he will be returning as a "Force ghost" in Sheldon's dreams. His appearance might be the deciding factor that will lead Sheldon to forego watching "Star Wars" and have an intimate night with Amy instead.

The Big Bang Theory teases a potential "opposites attract" romance between Sheldon and Penny throughout the show's 12-season run. In Season 9, Episode 21, "The Viewing Party Combustion," their significant others, Amy and Leonard, even discuss their jealousy and annoyance over how close Sheldon and Penny are (not necessarily in a romantic way), but how they discuss their relationships and make decisions behind their significant others' backs. In Season 9, Episode 2, "The Separation Oscillation," Leonard also once has a nightmare about Sheldon and Penny kissing to get even with him after he reveals to Penny that he kissed a colleague while he was away on his summer expedition to the North Sea in the early episodes of Season 7.

Indeed, Sheldon delivered that and then some in season 9 episode 11, 'The Opening Night Excitation'. He even traded the opening night of 'Star Wars' at the movies to treat Amy on her birthday, while his friends Leonard, Raj and Howard enjoyed the movie accompanied instead by 'Star Trek''s Wil Wheaton. If it sounds unbelievable that Sheldon would give up something that's clearly so important to him, you might be more inclined to accept it when we explain that it was actually a vision of Han Solo that persuaded him - well, Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) dressed as such.

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