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Kasim Doronin
Kasim Doronin

Evil Twin Sneaks Into My Dressing Room To Fuck.mp4

Back in the choir room, when Blaine tells him that they have been exploring another song choices for Regionals, he gets pretty mad and yells at them. He also tells Unique to stop with the boob thing, Sam to sit down and that he doesn't have a twin brother and that he's disappointed in Blaine. Will walks into the auditorium during You Have More Friends Than You Know, after the song ends Blaine tells Marley that they need to tell Mr. Schue about it, but she replies that he made pretty clear he's not interested. Finn comes back and accepts his apology, but also wants to be treated like a teacher, Will agrees saying that it sounds fair and they hug. Back in the choir room, he apologizes to the glee kids for make them feel like they don't have a voice there because actually they all do, including Finn, after that Finn walks into the room. He also says he wants one of Marley's original songs to be used at Regionals. He joins the Glee Club during Outcast.

Evil twin Sneaks into My Dressing Room to fuck.mp4



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