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Aharon Carmi, born in Opoczno, Poland in 1921, recounts being one of seven children; attending cheder, public school, then Tarbut school; participating in Gordonyah; antisemitic violence; his older brother's immigration to Palestine in 1935; two brothers' conscription; the German invasion; one brother's return; anti-Jewish restrictions; Germans taking community leaders for ransom, including his father; the community paying the ransom; his father's appointment to the Judenrat; ghettoization; working in the family bakery; volunteering in a soup kitchen; his assignment to bury corpses from a killing; hiding with his brother and uncle during a round-up; his capture by Poles; securing their release with a bribe; hiding in a cemetery (a Polish friend brought him food); returning to his parents in the ghetto; transfer with his family to the Ujazd ghetto; escaping from a deportation train with encouragement from his father; Poles offering him shelter, then robbing him; traveling to Warsaw; returning to Opoczno to retrieve buried money to purchase false papers; assistance from Polish family friends; returning to Warsaw; obtaining false papers; his arrest; interrogation and beating by the Gestapo; transfer to the ghetto; forced labor sorting Jewish belongings; escaping; hiding with a Jewish family; contact with Eliezer Geller; joining the Jewish resistance (ZOB); arms training; participating in missions, including arresting collaborators; the ghetto uprising; escaping with a group through the sewers to a forest; David Nowodworski organizing them; obtaining supplies from friendly Poles; other ghetto fighters joining them; receiving weapons from the Polish Communist Party (PPR); moving to another forest; joining Armia Ludova partisans; skirmishes with the right wing Armia Krajowa (AK); a Soviet air drop of weapons and supplies; blowing up German trains; his unit's dissolution; many casualties from German attacks; liberation by Soviet troops; interrogating German POWs; joining the Soviet militia in Minsk Mazowiecki; guarding Jewish refugees; traveling with the Soviet Army to Praga; returning to Minsk Mazowiecki; meeting Abba Kovner in Lublin; interrogating AK members; traveling to Warsaw; meetings with Yitzhak Zuckerman and Marek Edelman; discussions of revenge; returning to Minsk Mazowiecki; his marriage; briefly returning to Opoczno; joining a group immigrating to Palestine; receiving documents as Greek Jews; traveling through Poland to Slovakia, then boarding a Red Cross train to Romania; living three months each in a kibbutz in Alba Iulia, then Bucharest; his illegal emigration by ship from Constanța to Palestine; interdiction by the British; his release; his reunion with his brother; his wife's uncle hosting a Jewish wedding by a rabbi for them; working as a baker; being drafted into the Haganah; and serving in the 1948 Arab-Israel War and 1956 Sinai Campaign. Mr. Carmi also shows photographs.

Shaul Sagiv, born in 1924 in Linden Park, a suburb of Cologne, Germany (possibly Lindenthal), describes his family; his family moving to Arden, Netherlands in 1936; how at the beginning of 1939 the political situation became tense and he joined the Zionist youth organization; Kristallnacht, after which his father moved his business to Arnheim and the whole family moved to Amsterdam; returning to Arnheim when the German army entered Amsterdam; joining the Hachshara in June 1940 and went to a farm to work for a peasant; being ordered in June 1942 to go to a work camp but escaped and returned to work for a peasant; hiding in September with four friends in a forest; leaving after one month and returning to Arnheim; being taken by train to Westerbork, his arrival and initiation into the camp; friction between Dutch and German Jews in camp; how at the beginning of January 1944 the transports started again and he made a plan for his group to escape; his escape to Amsterdam and hiding out with a non-Jewish family while trying to get to France through Belgium; arriving in Paris, France and planning to escape to Spain over the Pyrenees; his train ride to Toulouse and his contact with the underground; his arrival in Spain, where he managed to get a permit to immigrate to Palestine and his adaptation to life in Israel.

Lea Fuchs Portnoy, born in Rafalovka, Ukraine in 1918, discusses her family life; pre-war antisemitism; joining Jewish youth groups; the German entrance in 1941; life in the ghetto; escaping to the forest with her child; shelter given to her by Polish peasants; briefly joining the partisans in the forest; boarding various trains in the direction of Russia; spending time in Kiev, Ukraine; working in an army kitchen; and attempts to return to Rafalovka, Ukraine. 041b061a72


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