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Giving Couple Jewelry Sets to a woman: What Does It mean?

Whatever its design and price, jewelry has a significant sentimental value. As gifts or passed down from generation to generation, they carry within them an emotion, story, memories... Women's rings are not an exception to this rule. They're infused with a strong meaning, and should be kept in mind when giving one to a woman. In fact, if you don't remember what's hidden beneath rings, it's likely to mislead someone who receives it. It is possible to misunderstand your motives and emotions. Here is some info to help you understand the significance of a diamond ring given as a gift to women.

Symbolism of the ring

In the beginning, let's look at the symbolic meaning of the ring. The ring, whatever the materials from which it is made is often regarded as a symbol of eternal beginnings. The circle, the cycle, the round... serve in many civilizations as signs of the infinite and eternal. This is the reason, since time immemorial, humans have had the habit of giving a ring to our loved one as a sign of the commitment to be with them for eternity. This is what happens with the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Jewelry that represents the love that binds two individuals. This can also be extended to friendship rings that are given to close friends as a means to strengthen the bonds between them.

The circle is also an indication of belonging. The ring you wear is a symbol of respect between members from the same group or the same group... It is the same for university rings, signet rings, Masonic rings...

The ring of a woman is an important gift. It all depends on the lady you're gifting it to and the context.

A symbol of love that will never die

To the woman you love the most, a diamond ring will be indisputable evidence of your love and affection that you share with her. The solitaire diamond on an engraved gold ring is the perfect present to propose an engagement. Diamonds are symbols of pureness and permanence. This basic platinum or gold ring can be embellished by precious stones and symbolizes an unending marriage.

For a declaration of love, a ring an ideal present. You must ensure that the person you're giving it to fully understands your intentions.

A sign of friendship

But, it's possible to present rings to women without having a romantic meaning. Do not create a unique scenario by avoiding solitaire rings or wedding rings. Offer a friendship ring, the costume ring, or an original piece of jewelry that is different from the customs of marriage and engagements.

You can present this kind of ring for a birthday or for a significant occasion like Christmas...

To symbolize love

Giving a woman an ring is a good way to show your affection. The piece of jewelry can be a gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion. Choose models which are a departure from traditional wedding and engagement rings. You can pick a ring with ornaments, gemstones, geometric patterns or even precious stones.


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