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2,000 Mules: The Shocking Documentary That Exposes the Biggest Voting Scam in History

Paul Bond, NEWSWEEK: "After Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to become the nation's 46th president, the Department of Homeland Security declared that the 2020 election was "the most secure in American history." But conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza is likely to set off a new firestorm with a documentary using video he says was obtained through open-records requests that allegedly shows "mules" stuffing ballot boxes." Read article on Newsweek

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The central thesis of "2,000 Mules" is essentially that left-wing nonprofit groups engaged in illegal ballot trafficking and paid people (the "mules" of the title) to gather ballots and stuff dropboxes with pro-Biden votes. To build that case, "2,000 Mules" relies on True the Vote, which claims that it used cell phone location data to prove its case.

In a chapter at the end of the book dedicated to answering his critics - including NPR - D'Souza acknowledges that True the Vote did not provide any data in the case until after the arrests. "So?" he writes. He goes on to say, "The only point True the Vote and I were making here is that the very same geotracking that can help identify murder suspects was used to identify mules engaged in ballot trafficking."

The film also claimed that True the Vote used data from the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) to show that the ballot "mules" were leftist agitators. A spokesperson for ACLED told NPR in May, "This is not the type of analysis you can use ACLED data for, and it is highly unlikely that these conclusions have any basis in fact."

As the Washington Post reported, attentive online sleuths noticed that maps shown in the film of supposed routes taken by ballot "mules" were inaccurate, and, in at least one instance, showed Moscow, Russia - not Atlanta. D'Souza chalked that choice up to movie-making "special effects."

It has been established that a network of paid professionals known as Mules exists using a database of more than 10 trillion cell phone pings. These mules transported illegal votes through mailboxes in all the crucial states during the election.

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Trump said in a statement this week that widespread nefarious activities happened during the 2020 election and encouraged "every American" to download and watch D'Souza's latest film, which he called "the most important political documentary ever made" as it "reveals with irrefutable proof what really happened in the 2020 Election."

D'Souza's film claims to have found evidence of paid or unpaid political operatives, which the film refers to as "mules," placing ballots in a number of drop boxes, which were implemented to make voting more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the American Bankers Association will be engaging with its members on money mules and the role of financial institutions in addressing the problem. The Department of Justice will also be distributing resources for state and local law enforcement on identifying, disrupting, investigating, and prosecuting money mules.

Other U.S. mules that have been authenticated include: the first identified, featuring an obverse of a State quarter dollar and the reverse of the Sacagawea dollar, struck on the golden dollar planchet; a mule with a Sacagawea dollar obverse and Presidential dollar reverse, also struck on a golden dollar planchet; a mule error struck with two Roosevelt dime reverse dies on a copper-nickel clad dime planchet; two examples of Washington quarter dollar mules from two reverse dies, presumably struck at the San Francisco Mint circa 1965 to 1966; a unique 1993-D piece struck on a cent planchet with a Lincoln cent obverse die and Roosevelt dime reverse die; and a 1995 piece struck on a dime planchet by a Lincoln cent obverse die and Roosevelt dime reverse die.

2000 Mules, a 2022 American political movie by Dinesh Dauza, claims that Democrat-aligned mules were illegally gathered and saved ballots into collection boxes throughout the 2020 presidential election. They were asked to do this in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. To learn Where to View 2000 Mules, visit the streaming platforms.

With a database of more than 10 trillion cell phone pings, it has got founded that there is a network of paid professionals who are called mules. During the election, these mules delivered illegal votes through mailboxes in all the critical states.

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We see three or four real people drop off their ballots.This is handwaved into "thousands" of "mules" going to multiple boxes all night stuffing in countless fake (?) or real (?) ballots they got somewhere.That's done by just stating that the folks we see are criminals... based on how they park or look around, or that they wear gloves. D'Souza then STAGES WITHOUT SAYING SO the "shocking" scenes of a guy visiting multiple boxes stuffing in papers from a backpack.Having established all this villainy, D'Souza says these must be the "mules" he has discovered / invented based on patterns he claims to have found in wildly imprecise cellphone data.End of story.He concludes that the US is run by "a criminal cartel". That will please the Russians, who accidentally left in a map of Moscow when they helped him fabricate this attack on our nation.

This entire wad is a chimera - a fantasy built to confirm your belief that Trump was cheated. At last you know how "they" did it! The fact that every single thing here is a lie or a deception won't matter.For instance, all the video of "mules" at drop-boxes. D'Souza claims he has 1000 HOURS of this, but all we see are three or four clips of people dropping off a ballot. These are run repeatedly from different angles so the narrators can fantasize about what the "mules" must have been thinking. One person takes a selfie; from that comes the theory that pictures were demanded by mules paymasters. Another wears gloves; which is obviously to avoid fingerprints. She tosses those in the trash; clearly as instructed to do. Onlookers do nothing; certainly because they are too shocked to react. Etc.In all those 1000 hours of video D'Souza has NONE that shows a person going to more than one box. Which is THE HEART of his mules theory, of course. So he FAKED those scenes with the actor Jacob Hyman, not listed in the film's main credits. And in all that video he has only one person dropping off several ballots. He calls this poor man a "criminal"; but it turns out that the ballots were his family's so perfectly legal. No apology from D'Souza.Then there's the cellphone data, which according to Gregg Phillips exactly confirm the theory of mules gathering ballots at non-profit organizations and distributing them around the city. The fact that locating someone AT a dropbox is impossible means nothing. And of course that data won't be released and the analyses can't be verified. And Gregg is responsible for the enormous lie that millions of illegals voted in 2016. His word here is equally reliable. And btw CRUCIAL to the film's claims.Then there's the "non-profits" such as nursing homes, shelters, community centers, 4H homes etc. Thousands of staff there apparently coerced or tricked hundreds of thousands of residents to vote for Biden, then fed these ballots into the mules system. Strangely, none of these people or their victims or the mules have come forward or been found in 20 months.D'Souza doesn't leave it at that, of course. Every line of the script and every reaction is crafted to further the deception. And being professional work is very persuasive... especially to those who want desperately to believe. So we see people claiming that it's "irrefutable evidence of massive fraud".A chimera - created from nothing. That's the real crime here.


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