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Chanakya Niti Book In Marathi Free [UPD] 27

Roger Boesche, who relied entirely on the 1969 translation by Kangle for his analysis of Arthashastra,[note 6] and who criticized an alternative 1992 translation by Rangarajan,[90] has called the Arthashastra as "a great political book of the ancient world".[147] He interprets that the 1st millennium BCE text is grounded more like the Soviet Union and China where the state envisions itself as driven by the welfare of the common good, but operates an extensive spy state and system of surveillance.[148] This view has been challenged by Thomas Trautmann, who asserts that a free market and individual rights, albeit a regulated system, are proposed by Arthashastra.[149] Boesche is not summarily critical and adds:

chanakya niti book in marathi free 27



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