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Corner Betting – Guide on How to Play and Tips for Analysis

In the realm of football betting, corner betting perpetually stands as a prominent option among the array of odds presented by online bookmakers. Its popularity is underscored by the substantial influx of bettors drawn to its allure, attributed in part to the ubiquitous nature of corner kicks in football matches. Thus, have you grasped the essence of football corner betting and its strategic nuances? If not, delve into the insightful discourse provided in the article below by everyday winning soccer tips!

What is Corner Betting?

Corner betting (also known as Corners bet or football corner betting) is a type of side bet. It is listed by bookmakers as an "early bet," meaning you have to place bets on major matches. It shares similarities with other side bets, with two main types being first-half corners and full-match corners.

True to its name, corner betting focuses solely on corner kicks in football matches. When the ball crosses the goal line, it counts as a corner kick, and that's when corner bets come into play. Bettors participating in this type of bet soccer prediction 100 win the occurrences of corner kicks to win rewards.

According to statistics from the bookmaker 8xbet, football corner betting is a popular side bet with a large number of participants. For every 10 bets placed, there are 2 corner kick bets with a 20% odds. This impressive figure reflects the attractiveness of this type of bet.

Guide for Beginners on How to Play Corner Betting

Below is a guide to playing corner betting with its smaller variations. Specifically:

Over/Under Corner Bets:

In this particular category of corner betting, bookmakers furnish a numerical value denoting the aggregate count of corner kicks anticipated within either the first half or the entirety of the match. Subsequently, participants are tasked with forecasting whether the tangible number of corners will surpass (over) or fall short of (under) the benchmark established by the bookmaker.

For instance, envision a scenario where the bookmaker sets the corner kick threshold at 7.5 for the impending encounter between Vietnam and Thailand. Upon the culmination of the match, suppose Vietnam accrues 7 corners while Thailand secures 3, culminating in a total of 10 corners. In this scenario, the over corner bet prevails, as the actual count surpasses the stipulated threshold.

Odd/Even Corner Bets:

The odds for this type of football corner betting can go up to 50%. Players simply predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match or half will be odd or even. The actual number of corner kicks in the match will determine whether the player wins or loses the bet.

For example, if you place an even corner bet on the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, and the match ends with Real Madrid having 4 corners and Manchester City having 6, totaling 10 corners, then the even corner bet wins.

First/Last Corner Bets:

In this type of corner betting, it is the easiest to play and anyone can participate. Players only need to predict which team will be awarded the first corner kick and which team will be awarded the last corner kick. The odds for this corner bet are 1 to 2.

1x2 Corner Bets:

This type of bet is similar to the 1x2 bet in match scores. Here, players choose which team will have more corner kicks. Specifically: 1 - the home team will have more corner kicks, X - both teams will have an equal number of corner kicks, and 2 - the away team will have more corner kicks.

Handicap Corner Bets:

Similar to handicap betting in scores, but here, each team is handicapped in terms of the number of corners. Then, players predict whether the team with the handicap will exceed that handicap. For example, in the match between Inter Milan and Empoli, if Inter Milan is given a corner kick handicap of 1.5, and after the match, Inter has 8 corners while Empoli has 5, those who choose the corner handicap bet on Inter will win the bet.

The Best Tips for Analyzing Corner Betting in Football

Below are some highly accurate corner betting analysis tips that bettors can apply during their gameplay:

In matches where both teams play offensive football, prioritize betting on over/under corner bets, and naturally choose the over option.

If playing first/last corner bets, favor selecting home teams. Home advantage often leads to early attacking play, especially in the beginning.

In matches with significant skill level differences between teams, choose the upper option in handicap corner bets.


We trust that the comprehensive insights provided in the preceding article by the esteemed bookmaker have enhanced your understanding of corner betting and its intricacies. Furthermore, accompanying this understanding are three invaluable strategies tailored specifically for navigating football corner bets. Implement these strategies into your wagering endeavors and relish the gratifying outcomes they bring forth! Read more: football betting tips 1x2- Delivering Insights from the Top 100 Websites Worldwide


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