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What is a Corner Bet? Types of Bets and Tips for Accurate Prediction

What is a Corner Bet?

Corner bets, also known in the experienced football betting community as corner or corners, are a specialized form of wagering. This betting method is based on the number of corner kicks that both teams perform during a specific time in the match.

Each game offered by bookmakers has various corner bets in terms of scale and odds. Consequently, the amount of money players can win or lose differs if they succeed or fail in their bets.

Bettors need to thoroughly research the betting odds provided by the bookmaker to make the most suitable and potentially best winning prediction app download.

Advantages of Corner Betting

Corner betting was developed after other forms of sports betting. Although it appears primarily in secondary betting markets, it has gained considerable popularity due to its advantages.

In some matches, the number of people placing bets on corners even surpasses those on the main markets offered by bookmakers. What makes corner betting so enthusiastically and robustly embraced by fans?

  • The rules of play are easy, and the betting football odds analysis is straightforward. There aren't too many rules or patterns to follow, nor is there a need for extensive analysis of numbers and odds. Thus, even inexperienced players can participate, place bets, and win.

  • There is a variety of attractive betting options available, allowing bettors to freely choose and showcase their skills. In each match, players can win big by successfully betting on multiple corners and quickly amassing substantial profits.

  • The usual winning odds are often higher compared to other types of bets. Bettors don't need to have in-depth knowledge about the two teams; assessing the level and style of play can be sufficient for making accurate predictions.

  • High betting odds enable players to quickly increase their account balance and significantly improve their financial situation. At some bookmakers, you can win up to 100 times your stake if your corner bet is successful.

Most Common Types of Corner Bets

Over/Under Corner Bet for the Full Match

The method of calculation is based on the total number of corner kicks made by both teams during the entire duration of the match. Therefore, players can only determine whether they have won or lost after the conclusion of the two teams' battle.

Some betting organizations offer bets for the first half or the second half, but these are generally less common.

Bookmakers organizing corner bets will present a specific number. At the end of the match, players tally the total number of corners and compare it with this number.

If the total is lower, those who bet on Under will win, and if it's higher, those who bet on Over will be victorious.

This method of betting is considered quite simple by experts, and participants don't need to do too much calculation. Even without much experience, players still have about a 60% chance of making a correct prediction.

Your job is just to focus on watching the top-class match and each move of the stars. At the end of the match, the results are summarized, and the bookmaker will pay immediately if you win.

However, it's important to note the time window for placing bets, as this rule can vary between different matches and bookmakers.

Handicap Corner Betting for the Entire Match

The full match handicap corner bet uses the Asian handicap odds. Players choosing this bet need to select either the favored team (the upper hand) or the underdog (the lower hand). The outcome at the end of the match is determined based on the number of corners each team receives.

The amount of money won or lost by the bettor depends on the odds set by the bookmaker.

1x2 Corner Bet

The 1×2 corner bet, following the European style, is a popular choice among many players in football betting. In this method, players select one of three outcomes – Win, Lose, or Draw – to place their bet on.

The chosen time frame covers the entire match but excludes extra time or injury time.

In this bet, if the favored team receives more corners, those who bet on Win will earn money. Conversely, if the favored team has fewer corners, those who bet on Lose will win the bet.

In cases where the number of corners is equal, those who placed a bet on Draw will win. This betting format is similarly calculated as in European-style goal betting.

Even/Odd Corner Betting

This method is similar to the Over/Under corner bet, calculated based on the total number of corners awarded to both teams throughout the entire match.

After the end of both halves, excluding any extra time, players and the bookmaker will sum up the total corners awarded to both teams.

If this total number is even, those who bet on Even win. Conversely, if the total is odd, those who bet on Odd will win. If there are no corners awarded during the match, the Even bet wins.

First, Next, and Last Corner Bet

In this corner bet method, players bet on which team will receive or concede the first corner.

Additionally, bookmakers also offer bets on the next corner or the last corner of the match. If players guess correctly, they win money; if they lose, they lose their stake. Players can bet on multiple different outcomes to increase their chances of winning.

No Corner Bet

To attract players, many bookmakers offer a 'No Corner' bet, meaning that in both halves of the match, no team will concede or be awarded a corner.

Accordingly, if players bet on this and win, the payout can be very large, potentially up to 100 times the stake. However, such instances are very rare in football matches, so players need to be cautious to avoid throwing their money away.

Tips for Playing Corner Bets to Increase Winning Chances

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker for Betting

The first and foremost factor anyone looking to profit from football betting, regardless of the type of bet, should consider is choosing a reputable bookmaker to partner with.

This greatly affects how much you can win or lose and how soon you receive your money.

Currently, the bookmaker market is thriving with fierce competition among numerous names. Alongside reputable sites (, there are also many that operate unscrupulously, deceiving fans.

Common issues include providing inaccurate odds, not paying players when they win, and changing the odds if many people win.

Therefore, it's advisable to choose professional names highly regarded in the community. You can visit top-rated gaming forums to research and make an informed choice.

Assess the Situation of the Opposing Teams

Betting on corner kicks does not require as much calculation as other betting types. Therefore, you don't need to invest too much in assessing the strength and weaknesses of the two competing teams.

Instead, consider the line-ups, particularly the defenders and center-backs, as these positions are more likely to concede corners.

The playing style of each team also significantly affects the match's progression and outcome.

If the two teams are evenly matched and fiercely competitive, the likelihood of many corners is high.

Typically, stronger teams with an attacking style and higher formation are more prone to committing fouls leading to corners.

Choose the Right Moment to Place a Bet

At the start of the match, when both opponents are energetic, attacking play is commonly adopted. Thus, more corners are likely to occur.

During this time, you should bet on the first corner for teams with a strong attack.

For betting on the last corner, the team more in need of a goal is likely to concede corners. Players should analyze the results depending on the tournament.

For direct elimination matches, predicting can be harder since both teams need to win.

However, for point-based leagues, track the standings to know which team needs goals and is more likely to concede corners.

Additionally, when choosing Over/Under, Even/Odd, or Over/Under bets, the best time is closer to the end of the match (within the valid betting time). By then, you have a better grasp of the situation and can make more accurate predictions.

Tips for a Sure Win in Over/Under Corner Betting

For Over/Under bets on the number of corner kicks, you don't need to focus on which team concedes the first or last corner, nor the exact number of corners. You only need to consider whether the number is higher or lower than the odds set by the bookmaker.

The chance of winning this bet is relatively high, with a success rate of up to 50%, making it a popular choice. Some specific hot football tips 1x2 for a sure win in Over/Under corner bets include:

  • If the first half has few corners, the likelihood of the match ending with more corners (Over) is very high.

  • If the match has a slow pace, and both teams are more defensive with a lower formation, the chances of fewer corners (Under) are higher.

  • In cases where the match has a fast pace and strong attacking play with a higher formation, you should bet on Over.

Betting with the Majority – Right or Wrong?

If you are new to corner betting, it's advisable to follow the 'majority rule' strategy. Without much experience, it can be hard to make accurate predictions.

Betting with the majority is a safer method because if you lose, the amount lost won't be too significant.

However, for those who are veterans in betting, following the majority can lead to mistakes.

At this point, you should rely on your own real football betting experience to make assessments and trust your abilities.

Your chances of winning the bet are higher, and the potential earnings are greater.

Some Notes When Betting on Corner Bets

This bet type starts to open up for wagering by the bookmakers before the match begins (within the first 8 minutes).

Analyze the average ball possession time of the two teams in the match to choose the team with a higher chance of earning the first corner.

In the same match, the stronger team (top bet) is more likely to win corners.

Corners usually occur more at the beginning of the match than towards the end.

Depending on the weather conditions, each team will have different strategies; usually, more corners occur in good weather.

Above are the most basic details about corner betting, introduced for players' understanding.

Some information has also been shared to help players feel more confident when choosing this betting method.

Regardless of the betting method chosen in football betting, reliance on experience, judgment, and analysis is crucial, rather than solely depending on luck for victory.


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