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Buy Instant Pot Ultra

1.can every present in evo or ultra can be used or duplicate with pressure cook setting.. I mean is it the same thing?2. I have read in your evo review that it provides customization..So can you please explain that how the customization differs from ultra pot customization. What difference these two pots have in regards to customization?What does full control or customization actually mean?3.does evo and ultra have no pressure mode?I need to order soon in so please try to reply to help me.Thankful and grateful

buy instant pot ultra


Thank you for the review. I just purchased the ultra 60 and this has helped since the book is not too explicit This is my second instant pot. My collection stands 5 electric (2 types fagor ) and two stove (fagor). sizes range from 4 qt to 8. ). I love cooking an pressure Cooking has brought to another level. I have made quite a few of your recipes and received rave reviews. I have started to experiment creating my recipes to pressure cooker. Love to learn. Thank you for educating us and bringing wonderful recipes to cook

I tried the Instant Pot Ultra that the company says replaces 10 common kitchen appliances. And it comes with a ton of settings: pressure cook, soup/broth, meat/stew, bean/chili, steam, slow cook, sauté, warm, rice, porridge, multigrain, cake, egg, sterilize, yogurt, and ultra. The last setting, ultra, is a manual mode that lets you make more fine-tuned adjustments when pressure cooking.

HelloThanks for your help.Again few questions;1.can we customize the presets in evo if we want to. Or we have to use the same as per preset?2: is 6 at sufficient for 6 people?3.are handles really needed and usefulor we can work without it?4. Can we bake in both pots ultra and evo with and without pressure?Thankful

This is the question that I get asked most often - "I want to buy the instant pot, but there are so many choices and I am confused. Can you help me?". So here I am sharing how you can best decide the right size and model for your instant pot. I will also be sharing my top picks in case you are short on time!

Important Note: When purchasing instant pot, consider the deal/discount available. If you see a discount on a higher advanced model (eg. DUO Plus, Nova, Evo Plus, Ultra), then definitely go for the upgrade if it is at little to no cost.

If you are completely new to Instant Pot, let me share what is an Instant Pot - It is the top-selling multi-cooker and the most popular kitchen gadget. It is a device that combines an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and sauté in one handy unit. It can speed up cooking time, especially for meats, grains and lentils. Some instant pot models have additional functions, such as sterilizing baby bottles, making yogurt, or wifi connectivity/app. Instant Pot has also recently launched a multi-cooker + air fryer combination, called Instant Pot DUO Crisp.

Hi Ruchi - For my everyday cooking, I have the DUO and Ultra both, and I feel that all the things I make can be made in the DUO as well as Ultra the same way. I see that ultra allows customization for altitude in case that is of interest to you. I have the ultra, but don't use much customization personally for everyday cooking. I am not sure what you mean by no pressure mode. Are you talking about yogurt mode? I see that both DUO Eno Plus and Ultra have yogurt mode. Hope that helps.

Hi Krithika - Sure, you are right that "Cake" is a preset mode, which means it just presets the pressure cooking time. You can make cake using the normal "manual/pressure cook" setting too. I got my first 6qt DUO instant pot for $70 during thanksgiving 4 years back. So definitely you can get it for under $100. I see it is available for $99.95 on the instant pot website. If you like, you can use my affiliate link to get a $10 off on that price -

The Instant Pot Ultra Pressure Cooker is a must-have for every busy home chef. When you're cooking, it's often hard to estimate when your food is done cooking. That's why Instant Pot features an LCD display with a cooking indicator to provide the progress of your dish with preheating, cooking and warming settings. Not to mention, the central dial provides added precision in program selection and adjustments. No matter what you're craving - soup, cake, yogurt, or chili - you can cook all of your favorite dishes in an instant. If you're unsure what to make first, be sure to download the free Instant Pot app that features over 600 recipes to get you started!

Thanks for the detailed article. I am planning to buy instant pot duo crisp + air fryer but I do not see anything about air fryer in your article. I have three options duo, viva and air fryer, which one do you suggest??

Hi Carol,Yes you can use the air frying lid with the air fryer recipes. Cook times may vary a little, check meats for doneness with an instant-read thermometer. I would not substitute air frying for sautéing, air frying with not apply the same quick direct heat or browning as sautéing.

I bought the instant pot ultra specifically for the altitude adjustment. I contacted instant pot and was told the adjustment only works for recipes in the presets. But I am confused about the presets are they only used for the few recipes in the booklet? If not how do you know the quantities of meat, liquid, etc you are suppose to use if you use a preset button?

I know this is a silly question but how do you turn the ultra off? I just got it and I see the start button and cancel button but no off button. How do I turn it off and perform the natural release without the keep warm feature kicking in? Thanks.

I noticed there is no poultry function for the Ultra when looking at the comparison chart on the instant pot website. Is there a way to cook chicken in the Ultra? That is the main source of protein for my family but I also love all of the new features of the Ultra.

I was thinking the same thing. I am interested in the idea of controls through the app and having the ability to download recipe scripts to the Instant Pot. Would like to see wifi added to the ultra as they develop it more.

The Instant Pot Smart will do everything the previous two models do and more. The digital interface on the pot itself and the app that connects to your instant pot, allow you to control temperature and cooking durations for your meals as you see fit.If you like gadgets, prefer the ease of being able to save your favorite recipes and instant pot settings on your smart phone, and love full control over your pot, this is the model to get. 041b061a72


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