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Kasim Doronin
Kasim Doronin

Subtitle How The West Was Won 1962 1080p BluRay...

2) This is not related to 1080p videos. Instead this is related to using 1080p IDX/SUB subtitles. Blu-rays use 1080p PGS subtitles which work fine. IDX/SUB subtitles are actually the standard subtitle format for DVDs. In their standard format (480p) they play fine. If the user has them in 1080p IDX/SUB format the subtitles will not appear

subtitle How the West Was Won 1962 1080p BluRay...


The dune D1 does NOT support 3D playback. It even makes a mess of quasi 3D in SBS, subtitles go all over the place. I think dune wants to cash out its newest mediaplayers by keeping all other (very expensive but older) players out-of-date!! 041b061a72


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