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Nikolai Muravyov
Nikolai Muravyov

After such a sad opening, with the memorial service for the fallen crew members, there was a surprising, and much needed, amount of humor in this episode. Granted, a lot of it was at Giorgio's expense.

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Larry David's made a career out of finding humor in the awkward, but he's never been as awkward as the the most uncomfortable moments on Breaking Bad. And yet showrunner Vince Gilligan and his writers and directors manage to find the jokes in that dark territory. In the aftermath of a plane crash where many are killed and even more traumatized? Breaking Bad's got a joke for that. An agonizingly tense dinner between two couples who couldn't be more at odds, who are practically ready to go to war? Bring on the table-side guac.

No longer bound by physical constraints, the Joker revels in gallows humor. He constantly puts himself in harm's way, dies horribly, and walks it off. Whether trapped in Penguin's vault with an exploding weapons cache or riddled with bullets by the Arkham Knight's troops, the Joker won't stay down. The real punchline, however, comes when he coerces Batman into snapping his neck during a vision. This finale easily has the most death (real or imaginary) of any mainline Arkham entry.

Same here. I like the cleverly done dark and nasty in Billions. Always done with (need I say dark) humor.Skate Away by Joni Mitchell was the best ending for this episode. Bruno gets to skate away while Wendy and Taylor wish they could.

"Saturday Night Live" is the benchmark of sketch TV. The show, which has been on the air for more than four decades, pairs a celebrity host with a rotating cast of comedians performing live and taped sketches, and also features a musical performance. It has become an inescapable part of the cultural conversation. "SNL" has brought humor to countless elections, has poked fun at pop culture trends, has been subject to major controversies, and has created some of the most indelible TV moments of all time.

In the first Halloween episode, Buck Henry suffered an injury during a scene with John Belushi that forced him to wear a bandage on his head for the rest of the episode. His injury inspired the entire cast to don bandages as the episode progressed in a bit of brilliant improvisational humor.

Long before Donald Trump was president, "SNL" was already finding humor in the man, as illustrated in this episode where an entire skit is built around his need to hold a press conference to bash Rosie O'Donnell. Jake Gyllenhaal dresses in drag and does a rendition of a "Dreamgirls" song for his "Brokeback Mountain" fans. 041b061a72


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