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High School DxD Episode 3

The most obvious way in which Mahouka stands out is its perfect main character. I laid out just how absolutely perfect in every way he is in the first episode, and indeed episodes two and three continue to emphasise pretty much everything I said there. He saves the girls from being attacked (sexually in the case of the rather randy girls volleyball team apparently) and is capable of defusing any situation with calm and poise, with the added bonus of being basically the most over-powered bastard in the world with an in-depth knowledge of all the rules.

High School DxD Episode 3


As you can see, these shots are depressingly lacking in potential, other than possibly here and here. Which is fine I guess, since the predecessor manga these first three episodes are based on had just one nipple sighting (see below):

As stated before, this series is technically based off of two manga. It was originally released under the name Konohanatei Kitan and lasted a handful of chapters before the publishing magazine folded. The manga returned several years later under the name Konohana Kitan, for which the anime is named. The first three episodes adapted Konohanatei Kitan, and have now covered all its chapters. Everything we have left should be from the Konohana Kitan manga.

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