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Kasim Doronin

(Dub) 19 : The Fairy King Waits In Vain

Mo Fan, zhao man yan, mu nu jiao, ling ling and several other low level family members arrive at the entrance of the fire vain a large volcano that was destroyed by a meteor, they see that their dedicated ice mage is none other than Mu Bai, who has been making a name for himself adventuring after the events of Xi'an. The higher ups tell the group to get a days rest and mo fan, zhao man yan and Mu Bai got to a bar. While mo fan and man yan drink, they tease mu bai on being a virgin as he gets flustered when the waitress approaches him. The waitress decides to take mu bai up a nearby mountain to watch the stairs and mu bai starts to have a good moment with the waitress. But as he returns back at their hotel, he finds both mo fan and zhao man yan passed out drunk outside their rooms and worst of all, the waitress informs him that they have yet to pay their bill and Mu Bai wonders how these hooligans are supposed to be the best and brightest young mages in China.

(Dub) 19 : The Fairy King Waits in Vain

Nan Xun finds Yin Quer hiding in an ice crevice and being stuck inside a plant tentacle while being bombarded by wind. However before Nan Xun can divert everyone else, one super tier mage goes on top of the ice cravice without noticing Yin Quer and goes to stand guard at that location. While Mu Ning Xue sneaks into the crevice, Mo Fan engages the mage. While the mage unleashes some lighting magic, mo fan uses his shadow clone to dodge and move to the top of one of the mountains. He then uses his earth magic to trigger an avalanche and buries the guy alive. Afterwards, he uses void magic to levitate both Mu Ning Xue and Yin Quer out of the cave. Afterwards, Mu Ning Xue offers her safe passage out of kunlun, but she refuses. Stating that she must continue to look for the one that let her out of the ice. After she leaves, the snow tiger comes running out of nowhere with the 7 leafed clover in his mouth. Mo Fan thanks the snow tiger for the treasure and tells everyone to go back down. But before they do, Zhao Man Yan points out that if the snow tiger is carrying the 7 leafed clover, where the hell did the pacifier go? Mo Fan realizes and quickly runs around the mountain tops. He eventually finds the mage that made the offer about the 7 leafed clover with the shadow stone. Mo Fan tries to act cool as if looking for the 7 leafed clover and waits for the mage to discard it and then quickly returns to his team and they head back down the mountains.

October 18, 2007 becomes a critical date for the production of the film. The e-konte is still at a standstill and dangerously slows down the entire making of the film. The production asks him to finish it by the end of October. But in vain, the e-konte remains at a standstill. The studio will finally decide to wait a little longer and postpone its completion date to the end of 2007. 041b061a72


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