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Carrom Disc Pool: How to Pot All Your Pieces and Become the Best

Carrom Disc Pool Online Game: A Fun and Easy Way to Play Carrom with Friends

Do you love playing carrom but don't have a board or a partner? Do you want to experience the thrill of competing against players from all over the world? Do you want to customize your game with different strikers and pucks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Carrom Disc Pool, an online multiplayer board game developed by Miniclip.

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Carrom Disc Pool is an easy-to-play game that lets you pot all your pieces before your opponent. You can choose from three different game modes: Disc Pool, Carrom, and Freestyle. You can also play with your friends, compete with top players, win free rewards, and unlock a wide range of items. With simple gameplay, smooth controls, and realistic physics, Carrom Disc Pool is the perfect game for carrom lovers.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install Carrom Disc Pool on your device, how to start playing the game, how to customize your strikers and pucks, how to play with your friends and compete with top players, how to win free rewards and prizes, how to master the game and become the best, and how to enjoy the game without any interruptions or issues. By the end of this article, you will know why Carrom Disc Pool is the best online carrom game for you.

How to Download and Install Carrom Disc Pool on Your Device

Carrom Disc Pool is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find the game on Google Play Store or App Store by searching for "Carrom Pool: Disc Game". Alternatively, you can use the links below:

Once you find the game, simply tap on "Install" or "Get" button and wait for the download to finish. Then, open the game and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need an internet connection to play the game online.

How to Start Playing Carrom Disc Pool

When you enter the game for the first time, you will be taken to a quick tutorial where you will learn the basics of Carrom Disc Pool. Here, you will get a quick introduction over the controls and mechanics of the game. Simply follow the instructions!

After completing the tutorial, you will immediately be taken into your first match, where you will have the chance to show your newly learnt skills against another player. You can choose from three different game modes:

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  • Disc Pool: The goal in this mode is to pot all your pucks before your opponent.

  • Carrom: This mode includes an additional puck, the Red Queen. Here, the Red Queen must be potted and covered immediately in the same turn. The Red Queen can be potted anytime but it must be potted before the last puck. However, regardless of who pots the Red Queen, the one clearing the table first is declared the winner.

  • Freestyle: This mode has no rules. You can pot any puck in any order. The first one to clear the table wins.

You can also choose from different locations and bet amounts. The higher the bet, the higher the reward. You can earn coins by winning matches and use them to unlock new items and locations.

How to Customize Your Strikers and Pucks

One of the fun features of Carrom Disc Pool is that you can customize your strikers and pucks with different designs and colors. You can unlock new items by opening chests, which you can get by winning matches, completing missions, or watching ads. You can also buy chests with gems, which you can get by leveling up, completing achievements, or purchasing with real money.

To customize your strikers and pucks, go to the main menu and tap on the "Strikers" or "Pucks" icon. Here, you will see all the items that you have unlocked and how much they cost to upgrade. Upgrading your items will increase their stats, such as power, aim, and time. You can also preview how they look on the board before selecting them.

You can also change the color of your pucks by tapping on the "Color" icon. Here, you will see all the colors that you have unlocked and how much they cost to apply. Applying a color will change the appearance of your pucks in all game modes.

How to Play with Your Friends and Compete with Top Players

Carrom Disc Pool is more fun when you play with your friends and challenge other players from around the world. To do this, you need to link your account to Facebook. This will allow you to invite your friends to play with you, see their online status, and chat with them. You will also get a bonus of 500 coins and 5 gems for linking your account.

To link your account to Facebook, go to the main menu and tap on the "Facebook" icon. Here, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook credentials and grant permission to access your profile and friends list. Once you do this, you will be able to see your Facebook friends who play Carrom Disc Pool on the "Friends" tab. You can also search for other players by their username or ID.

To play with your friends, tap on their name and select "Play". You can choose any game mode, location, and bet amount that you both agree on. You can also chat with them during the match by tapping on the "Chat" icon.

To compete with top players, go to the main menu and tap on the "Leaderboard" icon. Here, you will see the rankings of the best players in each game mode, location, and country. You can also see your own rank and stats. To challenge a top player, tap on their name and select "Challenge". You will be matched with them in a random game mode and location. How to Win Free Rewards and Prizes

Carrom Disc Pool is a generous game that gives you many opportunities to win free rewards and prizes. You can get coins, gems, chests, strikers, pucks, and more by doing the following:

  • Collecting daily rewards: Every day, you can claim a free reward by logging in to the game. The rewards get better as you log in consecutively. You can get coins, gems, chests, and even a legendary striker or puck.

  • Watching ads: You can watch short video ads to get extra coins, gems, or chests. You can do this up to 10 times per day. You can also watch ads to get a second chance in a match or to spin the wheel of fortune.

  • Landing lucky shots: Sometimes, when you pot a puck, you will see a golden star appear on the board. This means that you have landed a lucky shot and you will get a bonus reward. The reward can be coins, gems, or a chest.

  • Completing missions and achievements: You can complete various missions and achievements to earn coins, gems, and chests. You can see your progress and claim your rewards on the "Missions" and "Achievements" tabs on the main menu.

  • Participating in events and tournaments: You can join special events and tournaments that are held regularly in the game. These events and tournaments have different rules, prizes, and entry fees. You can win coins, gems, chests, strikers, pucks, and more by ranking high on the leaderboard.

How to Master the Game and Become the Best

Carrom Disc Pool is a game that requires skill and strategy to win. If you want to master the game and become the best, you need to practice and learn from your mistakes. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your game:

  • Aim carefully: Before you make a shot, make sure that you aim carefully and adjust your power accordingly. You can use the guideline to help you align your shot. You can also zoom in or out by pinching the screen.

Use different angles: Don't always shoot straight at


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