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Share Experience To Play To Win to Nil Bet in Football

To Win to Nil is a form of betting that garners a lot of attention from players. Surely, many of you might not know what To Win to Nil betting is, how to engage in this type of bet, and what strategies can ensure an easier victory in this category. Addressing these queries from players, Wintips has compiled information best betting tips today and shared it in this article.

What is To Win to Nil betting?

To Win to Nil, also known as 'To Win to Nil', is a form of betting on which team will win, under the condition that the chosen team keeps a clean sheet, not conceding any goals during the official game time.

In simple terms, participants place bets on a team to win with a result of N – 0. Here, N represents the team you're betting on, and 0 stands for the clean sheet.

While this type of betting seems straightforward, clean sheets are not common in most matches due to the disparities in team strengths.

However, this betting type offers high odds, which attracts many participants. If you're willing to try your luck with this bet, consider placing it promptly. The odds provided by betting agencies usually depend on various factors related to the football teams and the two sides competing in the match.

Guide to placing To Win to Nil bets

To comprehend what To Win to Nil betting entails and how to place these bets, it's crucial to understand the following scenarios:

Significant strength difference between two teams

Opt for matches where there's a substantial gap in strength and skill between the two teams. In such games, the stronger team often keeps a clean sheet against the weaker opponent. For instance, a match like Man City vs. Fulham. Man City holds the home advantage and more goal-scoring opportunities.

Teams with equal strength

A goalless draw of 0 – 0 can occur when the odds for matches aren't significantly different. Players need to analyze factors such as form, records, home and away performances, team lineup, and injuries to make the most astute choice.

Calculating the odds in To Win to Nil betting

For To Win to Nil bets, the formula for calculating winnings is as follows: Your potential winnings equal your initial bet multiplied by the odds provided to the player upon winning the bet.

If the result deviates from your initial prediction, you'll lose your entire stake. When betting on both teams, if both concede goals, you'll only lose 50% of your bet.

For example: In a match between Portugal and Germany, you bet 100,000 VND on Portugal to win to nil against the German team. The odds provided by the bookmaker for Portugal's victory are 2.50. If Portugal wins, the winnings are calculated as follows:

If Portugal wins to nil with the score you predicted, your winnings will be 100,000 x 2.50 = 250,000 VND.

If Portugal loses to Germany and Germany wins to nil with a score like 1 – 0 or 2 – 0, you'll lose the initial bet of 100,000 VND.

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Winning Dominant Betting Tips from Veterans

Understanding what dominant winning betting is might be clear, but winning isn't easy, and there aren't any specific rules to follow. However, here are some experiences from seasoned players that you can consider.

Comparing Two Teams

Why is it important to understand the capabilities of both football teams? In reality, there are two scenarios when a match takes place:

Firstly, when two teams have a complete disparity in all aspects. You should choose matches like this. One team dominates another weaker team in terms of skilled strikers and physical prowess.

Secondly, if two teams are evenly matched, with little difference between them, it could result in a 0-0 draw. Therefore, players should focus on other factors such as home performance, starting line-ups, etc.


Players need to make sensible choices and not rely entirely on others' evaluations. You need to gather relevant information about the game, such as team line-ups, the recent five-match history, etc.

Good Capital Management

As mentioned earlier, it's not easy to participate and win with this type of betting. You could either win big or lose everything. Start playing slowly and divide the amount of money you have.

Choosing a Reputable Bookmaker

Choosing a reputable, high-quality bookmaker that provides comprehensive information from experts will significantly increase your chances of winning. At the same time, the odds hardly change from the beginning, ensuring the best benefits for players.

Additionally, players can utilize the pre-match odds provided by bookmakers to objectively assess each team's winning probability.

Finding reputable bookmakers with attractive odds is relatively easy. However, not all bookmakers have good quality and ensure the best benefits for players. To get the most accurate view of bookmakers, you can rely on reviews from top football betting experts.

Key Points when Placing Dominant Winning Bets

Besides understanding what dominant winning betting is and the football tips app mentioned above, you also need to consider the following:

Teams that win often concede goals, so the clean sheet ratio is relatively low. Therefore, matches involving teams with solid defenses like Porto, Chelsea, and Atletico Madrid usually result in fewer goals or a very low conceding rate.

Moreover, a strong team against a weak one, where the weaker team has good attacking capabilities, may score against the stronger team due to vulnerabilities.

To make the most accurate decisions, you need to monitor the playing style of each team to decide better. If a team adopts a practical playing style, building a strong defense, the likelihood of a 1-0 or 2-0 score is high.

You should also look at recent match histories to see the goal-scoring records, providing the best possible assessment.

With the information shared by Wintips in this betting tactics section, it is hoped that it helps players grasp what dominant winning betting is and how to place handicap bets. Furthermore, choose a reputable bookmaker to place your bets with confidence! Wishing you all success!


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