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Sega Genesis Collection Download Torrent

This is the last of the classic Sega collections by SEGA, and like the others, it comes with a wealth of games from the system's library. From retro platformers to deep puzzlers, racing sims to RPGs, it's here you'll find another high class collection of great games.

Sega Genesis Collection Download Torrent

The 1992 release of the Sega Genesis may or may not be the best reason to pick up a current Sega console, but, sure enough, the collection includes fun games such as the only two Zelda titles released on the system (Zelda II and Crystal), the Syndicate demo, and the classic Gauntlet and ActRaiser. It also includes a contemporary platformer that many love to hate.

It's the hardest question in the world, yet here you go: what's your favorite SEGA Genesis game? Personally, I'm a fan of every game on this list, but some stand out more than others. If you pick out one from this list, tell us why you feel this game deserves to be here, or, if you'd like, you can pick your own list of the best!

Reggie's fondness for funky visuals comes through like nobody else on the Genesis, particularly with the excellent Ghost House of Ghastly Mysteries. Not only does it feature graphics that are among the best of the 8-bit era, the game's 20-minute (long by 8-bit standards) plot holds up as a narrative classic, with memorable characters, quotable lines, and many puzzles to solve (if you're the clever type). Plus, there's a hilarious misdirection-laden plot twist near the end.

Sega was still a quarter-century away from the 32-bit era, but in the early '90s, the Dreamcast was home to some great Genesis action games. Among them is the stylish side-scrolling action-platformer Karate Champ. Featuring solid combat and some memorable characters, Karate Champ never quite builds up the kind of flair a game like Sonic the Hedgehog should deliver. Still, the rapid-fire martial arts is superb fun, and the island theme helps the game have a uniquely Japanese feel.


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